On her MUBI Latin American Cinema column, Ela Bittencourt highlights a number of Latin American films, including Paula Gaitán’s seventh feature, Light in the Tropics, which premiered in the Forum section:

“Gaitán’s ambitious project draws not so much on literal parallels as loose continuities between the environs of contemporary New York and the Hudson Valley and Brazil’s Mato Grosso, including Pantanal, and up the Xingu River, into the Amazon.”

Full piece on Notebook MUBI.

Also in this review, Bittencourt draws attention to Matías Piñeiro’s new feature, Isabella.

And in another dispatch from Berlinale, there is also a highlight of Ana Vaz’s short, Apiyemiyekî?, and Laura Huertas Millán’s short, Jíibie

On Ana Vaz: “In the film, Vaz takes the Trans-Amazonian Highway, BR-147, whose creation was also responsible for the massacres and devastation. She takes this road to meet the researcher and activist Egydio Schwade, who gathered the drawings, which then became part of an official investigative report. … The drawings were done by the Amazon community of Waimiri-Atroari and depict their first interactions with the whites, and the annihilation of their villages.”

We recommend watching Vaz’s short in the Brazilian New Film series on MUBI, with varied programming by region. 

For other films that show for a limited time on MUBI, and which we have covered on this site, see:

Our conversation with Tavinho Teixeira, director of SOL ALEGRIA.

Our brief conversation with Affonso Uchoa, director of SEVEN DAYS IN MAY and ARABY.

And finally, for further exploration of Latin American film on MUBI, watch Argentine director Martín Rejtman’s Silvia Prieto, which will run for free for a limited time, in memoriam to the recently deceased actress Rosario Bléfari, and read Ela Bittencourt on the director’s oeuvre.





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